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P-Strategic Financial Allocation

P-Strategic Financial Allocation SA, based in Lugano, was founded in 2009 to provide highly-professional financial consultancy services to both institutional and private clients, such as family groups with considerable amounts of capital requiring a qualified partner outside the bank to assist them in making difficult investment decisions.

The services are customized by nature and focus on risk management, strategic asset allocation consultancy and the continuous monitoring of the client’s asset performance.

Analysis is not limited to financial assets, but includes all types of assets, real estate, private companies, etc., as well as the analysis of liabilities, such as mortgage loans.

The planning of the financial requirements for fulfilling social security obligations or distribution plans for donations are taken into consideration in analyzing the liabilities of institutional investors, such as pension funds, charitable foundations or trusts.

A series of sophisticated models have been created internally so that a thorough analysis on the complexity of these situations can be carried out. These models, combined with years of experience in international finance, make P-Strategic Financial Allocation SA an important partner for both individuals and institutions.

The company does not manage the assets of its own clients, but exclusively offers consultancy services, thus guaranteeing the highest level of impartiality and avoiding any conflict of interests.